International Winding, Inc.

International Winding, Inc. is a company dedicated to rewinding and re-building high quality armatures for D.C. motors. Our proven track record of excellence in quality and precision-craftmenship makes IWI your best choice for armatures. Call us first and gather the benefits of our professionalism and competitive prices. With an extensive collection of armatures that are in stock and our new products, including A.C. motors, stators and rotors, we are sure to have the components you need to get your project in operation. We also build new armatures on request.

Armature Example 1

Since 1983, IWI invested heavily in the machinery and personnel resources to produce the best of breed in rewound and re-built armatures for their customers. The attention to detail is unsurpassed. Each and every armature is precisely engineered, carefully handled, polished and coated to withstand many years of service. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Rewinding and re-building both large and small armatures is our specialty. Our clients require excellence in their own work. They know value when they see it and continue to return to us for exemplary workmanship and for the additional price point advanatages they gain as well. Come visit us in Villa Park, Illinois and see the professional, precision workmanship our craftsmen provide. We'd love to count you as a satisfied client and will do whatever we can to earn your repeat business.

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Our processes are hand labor intensive with supervisory review at each step. All processes require well-trained staff with up-to-date equipment.

At International Winding, Inc., we continue to refine both the manufacturing and rewinding production processes by pairing our most experienced personnel with junior employees to produce high-quality and efficiently built and re-built armatures. We do this not only for our customer's satisfaction but also for the pride we have in our company.