International Winding, Inc.

International Winding, Inc. is a privately owned company in Villa Park, Illinois. Founded in 1983, our management team chose to assemble the necessary people and equipment to produce the best possible quality armatures for D.C. motors available anywhere. With this goal in mind, we opened shop at this location where we continue to grow.

IWI Building

The facilities in Villa Park, Illinois — a block south of North Ave.

Over the years our business has expanded to include A.C. motors, stators and rotors for wide variety of brands. We work with both large and small armatures. Applications can typically include forklifts, aerial lifts, man lifts, antique automotive and marine use.

IWI is a company where the hard-work ethic continues to thrive. Our employees enjoy their work and do their best to make each and every part meet the highest possible standards. It's a matter of pride.

We have a wide assortment machining and winding equipment. All the equipment we use is on-site.

Winding very small armatures

Making adjustments for winding small armatures.

This device can be adjusted for very small pieces. We use specialized equipment for all sizes of pieces. This gives us the ability to rewind, re-build and produce large quantites in a very short time-frame.


Making field coils by hand

Making field coils.

Here we are wrapping field coils. Notice the many armatures in the background behind this gentleman. We can handle all quantities of orders.


Our Management Team

Mike, President and CEO

Mike - President and CEO



Lynne - Business Manager



Becky, Executive Assistant

Becky - Executive Assistant


Tom, Customer Service

Tom - Customer Service


Bob, Shop Manager

Bob - Shop Manager


Francisco, Shop

Francisco - Shop


Be sure to stop in and say hello. We'd love to see you. Or call us because we'd love to hear from you and add you to our list of satisfied customers.