International Winding, Inc.

Here is a collection of images representing some of our work and the products we sell at International Winding, Inc.

Photos - Rebuilding an armature


Inserting armature coils for a re-build.


Photos - winding an armature


Hand-winding an armature.


Photos - Two new rotors


2 new rotors.


Photos - A very small armature


We do all sizes of D.C. armatures.


Photos - Winding a small armature


Winding a small armature.


Photos - Winding a solenoid coil


Winding a solenoid coil on a computerized winder.


Photos - Applying a polyester trickle varnish


We apply a polyester trickle varnish that is hardened in the oven.


Photos - Bar-to-bar testing


Bar-to-bar testing.


Photos - Balancing




Photos - Many armatures wrapped up for shipping


Wrapped and ready to go.


Photos - Cartons layered with foam for safe shipping


Before shipping, we layer the containers with foam...


Photos - Armatures packed tightly in their cartons for shipping


and pack the product tightly.


Call us today. We probably have the armature or parts you want on hand right now. If we do, then we can take yours in exchange for the new or re-built part you order. If we don't, we'll still take yours in exchange for a newly built piece or re-build the one you have. There is no better deal than that.